Our Story

It's long been said that "man's best friend" is a dog, but oftentimes, a dog becomes so much more. For Oscar James Co. creator Tony Kost, his English bulldog Oscar James --- for which this initiative is named --- became a crucial lifeline; a motivating factor and stalwart anchor in Kost's journey through addiction. Today, as Kost celebrates the second anniversary of his sobriety, we celebrate Oscar James. Each month, we partner with an artist --- be it literary, visual, culinary, etc. --- who is tasked to recreate Oscar in their own medium, interpretation, and style. The resulting works are then offered to the public, and a portion of the proceeds donated to a charity of the artist's choosing. While the charities will change artist to artist, together we will endeavor to contribute to smaller, Cleveland-local, and community-derived non-profits, with the hopes of making a discernible difference, to as many as possible, right here in our own backyard. Our hopes are that in honoring Oscar --- who has done so much for one solitary man --- we can in turn. honor our community, our creators, and ultimately, those in need. We are Oscar James: A guy and his dog, trying to make a difference through art and creativity.